Lean Body Weight And Sports Performance | Track and Field

Any sportsman knows that no matter the actual sport being played, the shape of the athlete determines whether the team wins or losses. This is why for an athlete, being in tip top shape is of primary importance. Many athletes know that lean body weight is ideal for optimum performance regardless of the game being played. In many cases, athletes discover that after a period of time without proper exercise their body weight begins to increase. In order to maintain a lean body weight, an athlete must undertake a number of steps which we will examine next.Exercise dailyIn order to maintain peak sports performance, an athlete must exercise daily. This need not be rigorous exercises but can be simply jogging or working the bench press for 15 minutes. This ensures that the muscles are kept toned and the fat is kept at bay

Watch the dietAn athlete who desires to keep his body weight lean must not succumb to his bestial appetites as far as natural cravings for food. He or she must carefully watch what they eat to ensure that the diet is balanced and has the right mix of fiber, protein and carbohydrates.Keep a positive world outlookResearch has shown that emotional states such as depression can result in weight gain and a loss of leanness. This is because depression causes people to overeat and to throw caution to the wind as far as diet. They also lose focus of balancing the diet. A healthy emotional support system such as a family can also help in keeping the athlete focusedAdequate sleepA lean body cannot be maintained without proper sleeping habits. An athlete must ensure that he or she is getting at least 6-9 hours of sleep a day. Studies have shown there is a correlation between weight gain and sleep patterns. People who sleep less tend to gain weight while people who sleep more tend to be leaner.

Some sports do not require a lean body. These include sumo wrestling, rugby and American football. In these sports, athletes can get away with possessing a higher than average body mass and some athletes are reported to weigh more than 300 pounds. Others such as heavy weight wrestling and boxing also require the athletes to have a high BMI but this is because of the nature of the sport. All in all, a lean body has a lot to do with performance when it comes to sports such as tennis, soccer, track and field, aerobics and swimming.

Oil for Food Scandal and the Tour De France | Track and Field

Floyd Landis The Tour de France winner has been accused of high testosterone levels. This seems rather odd because he is well within the human variations of levels of testosterone that normally occur in the species. It makes sense that someone with high testosterone levels would be an excellent athlete and even choose bicycle racing as a way to compete.You see, I too have high testosterone levels and was an excellent athlete in my day. In track and field I ran the mile and I never lost. Individual team sports such as running or bicycle racing would be a place where someone with high testosterone levels might excel. The human body naturally produces testosterone and the best athletes probably produce a lot more than do non-athletes.

The fact is that we cannot trust the French especially after they put out a world media hit against the United States during the Iraq War and only later did we find out that all their negative criticism had nothing to do with the Iraqi people, but rather their lack of integrity and dishonest dealings in the oil for food scandal. Floyd Landis cannot prove that he did not dope. You cannot prove a negative.The French love to complain and character assassinate those individuals, which shine. Why do they do this? It’s simple really you see they live in a nation of socialism, which is very similar to a social beehive of humanity and a place where the individual is not welcome because everyone must be the same.This same thing is starting to occur in the United States due to the liberal is a movement. I hope the United States of America would hold short before attacking the individuals who make our nation so great. It is obvious that the Tour de France is just too easy of a race for an American and it shows that American athletes are the best in the world.

Apparently France cannot grasp this concept and instead decides to cheat by calling others cheaters. They did the same thing to Lance Armstrong who won seven times and finally retired because he got bored of winning so much. And what happens the next year, well under other American comes along and wins the race anyway. Those French must just be Fried.